Black Roadside Sign Frame

Recently I discovered an excellent resource to go with our signs, this metal sign frame that you can put in your yard. It easily holds two of our 2’x 3’ horizontal signs (one facing each direction).

I think these will be excellent for church groups who wish to put a frame in each yard and then rotate the signs periodically. The signs can be changed in a matter of seconds by sliding them in and out. There are also bolt holes you can use to bolt them in if you are concerned about wind or theft. (This would make changing them take slightly longer.)

The companies I buy these from are sign suppliers that only sell to sign shops, so I will have to order these for you if you are interested. I will be glad to give them to you at my cost if you are using them for gospel signs.

The prices you see below are from the most recent catalog that I have, and may have changed slightly by now. Shipping would be additional, and would depend on how far you are from the closest warehouse. I recently ordered a package of 5 frames, and the total came out to right at $125, or $25 per frame, including shipping. Many of you should be able to get them for even less than that depending on where you are in the United States. I can have them drop-shipped right to your address, and then send you a bill for the total cost.

Generally there is a minimum of 3 frames per order; however, if you only need one or two frames, let us know and we should be able to make special arrangements. If you are interested in getting some of these, send me an email at Thank you for your help in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus!

Roger Hertzler - Watchman Gospel Signs - 541-497-7556

Slide-In H-Frame – 36” x 24”
Part # HR3624SI

  • ¾” angle iron, black finish
  • 6” rider below main panel
  • Panels can easily slide in from the top or can be bolted in
  • Holds up to ¼” substrate
  • Overall height: 42”
Quantity Prices
1-9: $17.51 each
10-49: $15.87 each
50+: $14.50 each